Saturday, August 9, 2014

"short term fun is Long term guilt."

Wow does time fly!

This week was super rejuvenating! We buckled down and really made the changes necessary in our area. Sadly that meant letting some people go for a time. Unfortunately once we give our brothers and sisters the best opportunity to accept the gospel they still have their agency to accept it or not. We will be there when they are ready and the spirit beckons them to come home. 

Let's talk about Heber! Progressing super well and he's at church for the entire block every sunday. We have been having lessons with him at the visitor's center and he loves it. Just a special feeling being on temple grounds. We were super excited about this weekend to be able to set a baptism goal for him, but he left saturday and didn't come home all night and wasn't at church :(( He hadn't come home yet! later on we were heading home and we were impressed to visit his home. He had gotten home a just few minutes prior and he wasn't doing so hot. We talked some things over and let him rest because he wasn't all there. But hopefully this week will be a recovery!

Angelo!!!!!!!!!! He's so ready. He has some commandment issues that we talked over...luckily he isn't breaking them he just didn't understand them fully. So we went to the VC yesterday and had a lesson with him and spent 3 hours! He just really opened up. We ended giving him a blessing for strength and a kneeling prayer. He felt great and said he'd go home and pray again for the 23rd of this month. We are super excited for him. He is already teaching his friends! How awesome is that. He's going to be the solidest-est ever.

We had the chance to attend 2 baptisms this week. They are the best experiences anyone can have. The spirit that's felt at such a sacred service is undeniable. 

My studies have been focused in the Doctrine and covenants. There's a lot that focuses on Light and truth. Read D&C93 this week and send me some thoughts :) It jumps around a bit but it also talks about family :)

Quick thoughts from John Bytheway

There are easy ways to get out of bad choices...not easy to get out of the consequences.

Short term fun is long term guilt. So we must practice short term discipline for long term happiness.

What a blessing this gospel is in our lives! As we tailor our lives to meet God's will there is true joy! Heavenly Father doesn't give us commandments to make us miserable...he gives em to keep us and our families safe. How great is His love for us!? 

I love you all. Thank you for listening, well reading...well if you did...haha tahtahfornow!

-E. Castellanos

p.s. read Jacob 3:1-2 if you can :)

Friday, August 1, 2014

busy week........it was kind of disappointing

So super busy week and it was kind of disappointing. We finished off the month and our Zone didn't do so hott. E. Cavazotti and I spent the night calling every area and seeing how we could help, then developed a plan to meet with each area and help out. There's a lot of changes coming especially with our interviews with president this week. I am excited to see what is to come! Super short today but we are running around. Promise more next week!

Miss and love you all mucho!