Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remember...it's not as loud as thunder- its a whisper, that penetrates if you are attentive to it

Transfer week is here! Ahhhhhhh. It was nerve-wrecking! So here it is,

We're both staying! Woooot! haha So Elder Becerra and I will stay in St. George Spanish as Zone Leaders over the Spanish Zone. Changes include Sister Riera leaving to Fillmore English to serve with Sister Nichols and Sister Morales Taking her place in Sunset Spanish As the new Sister Training Leader. Elder CastaƱos will be going to my birthplace of Price with my MTC companion elder Anduro! It'll be exciting :) andddd he can visit my recent converts!!

So exciting week! China broke up with her boyfriend and is no longer living with him so is now eligible for baptism. She is on date for the 29th. Carlos and Veronica, RC Crystal's parents, have accepted baptism for the 29th. They are amazing! They have progressed so well and Ramon and Crystal have been such a great light in their life. The gospel radiates in everything they do!

We thought Emma would be super solid but is struggling with keeping appointments. It's tough cuz she has such a great family and her kids Joanna and Juan Carlos really wants  to go! Bleh. The struggle is real...but I know if we keep working hard and have faith Heavenly Father will get them there. 

This week We started a mission fast from disobedience. We are super excited. Strict obedience! I've been studying a lot in recognizing the spirit in preach my gospel. E. Becerra and I have been having amazing experiences in which the spirit has been leading the work so apparently. It's hard to listen when even the smallest of things distract you. Remember...it's not as loud as thunder- its a whisper, that penetrates if you are attentive to it. What things in your daily life can you change to be intuitive to the spirit. How can you make the difference in someone's life today with the spirit's guidance. Think of all the opportunities you miss out on in helping one of our brothers or sisters. I love you. Be the instrument Heavenly Father wants you to be. Be true to your divine calling as a child of God. Miss you tons.!