Monday, December 8, 2014

A woman of great faith, holiness, obedience, and humility

It's crazy how fast time is flying by! The end of the transfer is already upon us! Ahhhh! Well we started a new month with great new hopes for our Zone. We were able to meet with a couple of missionaries about the changes they want to see in themselves and how we can all unite to help each other. It all revolves around trust and faith. As we reflected upon it, we were marvelled at the messages we received last night at the Christmas Devotional. Here is the link if you haven't watched it. 

Elder Richard J. Maynes stated, "The Christmas Story, Is A Family Story" as he began to relate the relationship between God the Father and Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Joseph. He expanded on the immense trust that had to be had with Mary - to have her be the chosen vessel for his Beloved Son. He described her as a common woman. Not a woman of great stature. A woman of great faith, holiness, obedience, and humility. She teaches us the importance of trusting in the Lord in all things. Then Joseph exemplified Humility and Integrity. His spiritual maturity in having the confidence that what had been done was of the Lord. The comprehension of God's plan came through earnest prayer and an open heart. Finally, Jesus - who came to fully fulfill our Father's will. Never questioning - never doubting. All 3 trusting in our Father in Heaven that his purposes may come to pass.The family was unified in seeking God's Glory. I pray that each of you can find this in your own family - find that unity and trust in the Lord as Jesus' family did. He is full of love, always willing to receive anyone that comes unto him. I love my Savior and all He represents. I love my mission, and the duty which I have been given to represent our Lord. This gospel is the only sure foundation of love and peace that can be found today - This IS God's kingdom restored on Earth, I humbly testify in His holy name, even Jesus Christ. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Christ was our first gift..." #heisthegift

Temple lighting and baptism! 
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Forgot to mention.....
2 weeks ago we were informed of the "He is the Gift" Initiative. It's the new christmas video to remember what christmas is about. I invite you to watch it, and ponder it. Then share it with EVERYONE. 
Christ was our first gift - the most precious gift we have 
from a father that loves us more than we can understand.


So this week was super busy! We had transfers and the trainers meeting. They asked us to help out again with some of the training so it was fun :) Carlos and Veronica, Crystal's parents, went to church and they are excited for their baptism the 29th. :D We've lost a little contact with China but she still seems solid...just working all the time. Big improvement with Emma and her family....we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and the kids ate it all up. We used rePENtance to teach the second principle and they were teaching their parents after the lesson. So we have them hold a pen gripped in their hand and go through all 5 steps of repentance with a signal for each time they let one finger go. At the end they are finally able to let go of the pen "sin". It's super fun. Our mission fast continues and the blessings keep pouring in. Ingris moved to the sunset branch so we worked with the sisters to get her integrated and she is being baptized this saturday :) I'll also attach this week's spanish communicator. Funny thing...our sister training leaders also write a message and by chance we wrote about the same thing. The spirit! Almost like it's true.... ;) haha Take the challenge! I love and miss you all....you're an inspiration to me.