Thursday, January 15, 2015

" It's an exciting time in Richfield! " (1/12/2015)

So I'm a year down "officially" - although i still haven't burned my shirt :P 

This past week was insane!! So we put our brothers and sisters on date for baptism - we got to meet John Bytheway - Elder Holland will be at our stake conference this week - Elder Bednar will be at the Manti stake conference next week - ANDDDDDDD I'm a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It can't get any better :D

so here's the update!

We had a baptism Saturday for Larry Kennin, and have 2 scheduled for the 24th. Jodi Shannon is a single mom who was friendshipped my a widow in the Sigurd ward. She went to church and loved the spirit, and we met with her after sacrament and taught the Restoration. After praying for her date, we extended the invitation to be baptized and she accepted after we answered some questions. We feel really great about her. Second is Bailey Chestnut. She started going to church a little over 2 months ago off and on because she had to get rides with her uncle but attends mutual on Tuesdays every week. We started meeting with her mum and brother with the lessons and now they too feel a desire to learn more. We extended the invitation for her to be baptized on the 24th and her mum agreed it would be a good date and late February for her brother. We have an hispanic family of 5, last name Delagado, on date for the 31st. We are really pushing for meeting 3 times a week to solidify their testimony. They hold the Book of Mormon to be true but the dad feels he needs to learn everything first. We are using the progress record so he can track his own progress as suggested in PMG. Then we have Damian and Miriam Bagay on date for the 14th of February. Miriam had a bap date but then felt she wanted to wait for her husband so we have been working on his steadiness in spiritual CPR. It's an exciting time to be in Richfield! 

Attached are some pictures of the week :)

Love and miss you!