Monday, January 5, 2015

"what can I learn from this that I can use to help others" We are the Lord's instruments...we are His hands " (12/15/2014)

So a quick update cuz we are running out of time, so i'll just tell a quick story!!

So in the year before I left on my mish, my car's starter failed me :( I know my family remembers this because it drove me nuts. Anywho, at the time I really questioned the typical "why me?" Why if I was doing all the right things did it need to happen to me. Arrogant, right? Like, chill. haha Anywho, me trying to save money, I didn't jump quickly to take it to a mechanic - so I told my pops that we can work on replacing it ourselves with my brother in law Ernie. As we began the journey, we all got a  little frustrated. It was either remove the manifold through the top, or drop the exhaust catback from below to get the new starter in. After heavy research and countless hours of labor, we were not able to get it done -_- haha so even more frustrated, we push-started it and I took it to the local autozone to get it replaced. (there's a funny side story including billy about this too which i'll tell later) Annoyed at last I was able to get it all fixed. What I didn't understand however, is what that experience would do for me in the time to come - or should I say, what it would do for those I would serve in the future. About 8 pm last night we visited RC family Elias. As we shared a message and some time, they shared concern about how their vehicle had suddenly died and they were stumped on what to do. In this economy, we aren't too quick to take it to the shop and spend all this time figuring out how much it would cost. The moment brother Elias spoke the situation, this moment in my life flashed back into my head, and without hesitation I said I could fix it. We woke up and went to bro. elias' this morning at 6. We went out, and began running tests. Everything had power but it wouldn't turn over. Clanking noise in the coils of the starter menat it was bad or it wasn't receiving enough power. Gave it a push start and disconnected the battery to test the alternator and it passed so we went with the starter. I removed the manifold and took it to autozone to test. FAILED. Told bro. elias the part, and we brought it back and put it back on. Replaced the manifold packing, sealed it up and VROOM! What an amazing experience! My exhausting and irritating moment in life was just preparation for me to help one of my brothers in  afuture time. What a blessing and a testimony. Let's change our attitude in terms of how we take tribulations and afflictions. Instead of "why me" - let's ask "what can I learn from this that I can use to help others" We are the Lord's instruments...we are His hands. I love and miss you!

btw, I'm getting transferred to Richfield! Woot!