Sunday, May 4, 2014

Scriptures teach us that fear comes from Satan


Hope everyone has had a fantastic week!!

This week was a true test of diligence for the Price Bilingual Area. I left Tuesday morning and drove to St. George because we got a new car since I'm supposedly District Leader now. I was sketched at first but then we got the car and was like...mmmm, I kinda dig this haha still strange why they do that though. I attached a picture of it! Haha But I stayed in St. George overnight and went to a training meeting Wednesday morning, then got my greenie in the afternoon. Strange to say greenie when I still feel like one myself o.O But his name is Elder Velasquez! He is from New Jersey but his parents are from Mexico. (Puebla and Guajaca) He is very sharp and ready to teach but still a bit shy. It makes me think a lot of where I was 3 months ago o.O It's strange that they have greenies training greenies haha but the rest of the week I put him through the test of fire. I promised him when we first got together that we would hit standards so we would get his name on the communicator and we fought hard and we were able to !! :D He was so happy! The sisters in my district also hit standards and I sent them an easter basket to congratulate them haha From this last DTM I talked about what keeps us from opening our mouths. We made a big list and came to the conclusion that they all arose from fear. I offered the question of what on the list our Heavenly Father couldn't help us with. None was pointed out. Then I went into the fact that the scriptures teach us that fear comes from Satan. Therefore, if we let fear get in the way, we are playing for Satan's team. Each member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a representative of Jesus Christ. Let us not let fear shake our desire to preach the blessings of the gospel. If we do, we take off our JC jersey and we put on Satan's. I love you all. May we all remember what Easter truly means. The power of the Atonement is not limited to anyone in particular...it is available to EVERYONE. Let's help our brothers and sisters realize that, and remember the sacrifice Jesus Christ did for us. Miss you much! Til' next week!