Sunday, May 4, 2014

Who is my Hero? What do I copy from them?

Hola mi familia! :D

Que semana! Un poco de estresado pero eso viene con ser un misionero no? Jaja Sorry for the accents missing...super old computer and I can't get the spanish keyboard up. I tried combinations on the keyboard but I get stuff like ºóñ⌐¿ª╟ä so you can understand my frustration haha

Well...what a wonderful week with just about the best finish their could be. We were able to have 13 of our investigators watch general conference :D Each one of them loved it! We stressed much about how they should go into it with questions and the ones that did said they received answers. Ahhh! :D We even had Cord attend it at the conference center! We watched Saturday morning session with Damon Davis and his family. We then watched the afternoon session with Richard Herzet his mum, Kalea, and a non-member guest. We finished up the day watching the priesthood with Brother and sister Pendray and their son Justice. What a session that was!! Sunday morning we visited with Michael Hunter who is getting baptized this week! He loved it! Unfortunately I left my camera there so there will be no pictures this week :( wah wah wahhhh. I know right. I was devastated this morning. But is ohtay. In the afternoon we spent some time with Zaharah and her fellowship family the Fultchers. Such a great session for her! So I thought I'd share my notes from conference and see if we maybe caught some of the same things. I saw a general them of love, importance of family, and discipleship. Of course...the spirit testifies to each individual differently. Ready, set go!

Saturday Morning Session:
Jeffery R Holland
A time will come when we each will have to defend our beliefs.
It's hard sometimes to be a missionary
Is it worth it...? YES. The alternate is a desolate household.
"If your eye offends you, cut it out. If your hand offends you, cut it off."
"Love one another as I have loved you"
*Pure christ-like love can change the world.

Ronald A Rasband
We ALL have the responsibility to share the gospel
We are the Lord's hands
Lay up our spiritual treasures in Heaven
When ye are in the service of your fellow man, ye are in the service of your God.
Bear one another's burdens, however small.

Carlos H Amado
He will come as the king of kings to redeem His people
Endure to the end.
Choose The Right

Linda S Reeves -
 Learn to control our bodies
The spouse must become pre-imminent 
Listen w/ love and understanding.
Don't lead yourself to loss of self-control.
Remember how merciful the Lord is
The Savior has the power to clean
We must WANT to change our hearts
...rejoice in Christ...

Neil L Anderson - 
We are subject to spiritual whirlwinds without knowing it
Sin always has been and always will be part of this world.
Trees raised up in winds are stronger.
Each person is infinitely important to God
How should we prepare? Build upon the rock of salvation, and stand in Holy Places.

Henry B Eyring -
 Eternal happiness comes from family bonds.
There are things to wait for faithfully - they will come in the Lord's time
Families are FOREVER

Saturday Afternoon Session
Russell M Nelson -
 Faith is the antidote to fear
Our faith WILL be tested
Always have faith in Jesus Christ
Are we securely tied to God..?
Where is our faith...?
Faith is always safe with the savior.
Doubt not-Fear not
Truth is truth - All truth is part of the gospel.
Let your faith SHOW!
God's laws must always be our standards!
Danger lurks when we try to divide ourselves.
Even if everyone is doing it, wrong is never right.
Courage which can't be compromised brings a smile to our Heavenly Father's face.

Richard G Scott
Serve the Lord FIRST
Always seek to strengthen families
Keep sights on the temple
We all grow line upon line

Robert D Hales
Be careful who you follow
Let the Lord's will always be done

Claudio D Zivic
Keep the commandments without reminders
We must not fear man more than God
Exhort others and ourselves to repent and come back to the right path.

W Craig Zwick
Use compassionate language
Spouses need to communicate
Hazardous situations are not holy places

Quinton L Cook -
 Hasten the work with the spirit of Elijah
Temple work is necessary
We can become saviors for our families.

Priesthood Session
Dallin H Oaks
The priesthood is for both men and women
By the power of priesthood, we will be resurrected
Joseph Smith received keys for THIS dispensation
Women still act under & with priesthood authority
Men are not the priesthood.
Companionship of a wife is essential
Marriage is an equal partnership
Wives should not be silent partners
Both men and women are endowed with equal priesthood power.

Donal L Hallstrom -
 Are we willing to act? To Change?
"That's just the way I am" <- gives up our ability to change
Who we are is not who we can become!
What do I need to do?
Be a priesthood man:
Maintain spiritual maturity
Put away childish things
Be humble/meek
Our wife, children and callings
Be worthy
Can't trust anyone but JC, even myself.
"What manner of man should I be... ; Even as I am"

Ronald Ridd: 
Generation of choices
What does my heart desire? That is the key
If you are not active in leading your desires the world will do it for you.
Know who you really are
Plug into a source of power
You were chosen to be here at this time to do these things.

Dieter F Uchtdorf -
 Don't sleep through the revolution
Are we sleeping through the Restoration? 
Let go of selfishness - Those who serve will not sleep
Avoid addictions - We ate designed to soar in heaven, not to be shackled to this earth.
Be sons of LIGHT

Henry B Eyring -
 Who is my Hero?
What do I copy from them?
Who are models of priesthood men?
Lord puts us on a candlestick to lead the way.
Let your light so shine!
Keep a pattern of prayer
Habit of service
&  A rock hard habit of honesty

Sooooo I accidentally hit send before I was done, but it also made me realize I was out of time haha funny how that works, no? I will write more next week...can't wait to hear your thoughts! Love you!

Elder Castellanos