Sunday, May 4, 2014

Have an eye single to the glory of God and not let your mind wander.

Hello my wonderful family! 
I hope all of you had an amazing week! It was a tough one for us here in the Price Bilingual area but we keep strummin' along! Well it all went sour when I got sick wednesday. I woke up just fine, but between like 3-4 in the afternoon my body like shut down :/ we still don't know the cause but I have yet to shake it. Hopefully it's gone soon though. But that's the only thing going on really. Miracles happened this week! So with Daniel, the middle-aged catholic man we are teaching, has come to a knowledge that this is where God wants him to be! We were like, dang it Daniel, if you just read and pray and ask you will get an answer. Andddd, he did. haha unfortunately, he feels tension about leaving family tradition. But it's progress! Also with the 15 year old, Zaharah, she told us that she has felt the holy ghost when we teach and when she reads and prays and agreed to get baptized on the 24th. With her it might be rough because her parents aren't members, but they are super supportive of her. Sooooo I held our district meeting this thursday and guess who showed up!? Our mission president and his wife.... :-O haha talk about turning up the heat. haha but all went well and he took us out to lunch afterwards. And if that wasn't enough, he invited my companion and I to eat dinner with him as well! :D A little nerve-wrecking but he is way awesome! And sister center is like, zee best! haha I don't have pictures for you this week because i've been taking videos with my videocamera haha so I attached one of like 5 minutes ago...the rest are too big to send :/ but i'll send the extra sd card home with them on there! Other miracles: We hit standards again and had 6 of our investigators at church! We were pretty excited. 2 of them we didn't expect to see them there! and we had 7 less actives go too. It was such a great week. We learned a lot, and received many blessings. 

So in this week's DTM our zone leaders wanted us to review "Lock your heart". Surprisingly, yet not, I learned something new! So the principle is to have an eye single to the glory of God and not let your mind wander during your mission. Well, if you think about when you get home, one day when you are serious dating or sealed with your wonderful wife, the eye has to be single to her. If we can't lock our hearts on our mission to our objective at hand, how can we prepared to lock our hearts to a precious daughter of God when there is much more temptation. God has an eternal perspective for our families. All us young folk need to prepare to make everlasting covenants. Craziness! :O

haha, i'm grateful for my mission. I know I will never truly comprehend how much it has made me grow, but I know it is where the Lord wants me to be, and where I will learn the most for what is to come. I love and miss you all!

-Elder Castellanos