Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Because of him"

I can't believe i'm sitting here writing on P-day again! The weeks literally are a flash, but not. I remember every face I saw, discussion I participated in, house i visited or knocked, testimony that was said, yet it is another week again! Craziness!!

Well we had an awesome week! We made a district goal to hit standards so everyone was on the ball. We had an awesome Zone training on finding and really raising the bar for our little section of the mission. We talked about teaching with the spirit and making sure there are spiritual "highs" when we go into a home and leave. It's true though...i've seen more change when we have an awesome lesson and leave, in comparison to having an awesome lesson then sticking around to chat. We actually experienced it yesterday with a family. We had an awesome lesson watching "Because of Him" on lds.org then reading through the psalm of Nephi, and discussing how through the savior we can have peace. We got the whole family included in the discussion and the spirit was amazing!! But we stuck around too long and a spirit of contention was brought in with family affairs. :/ It also adds to my witness that Satan is really working on the families. I love this family so much and they have the potential to be more than they have ever imagined to be! But satan is sneaky and he is always working. I am excited to see what we can accomplish with the 9 weeks I have left here. 

On another note, super good teaching week like i mentioned. We average about 23 lessons a week and we hit 31 this past week! We were so excited! We were able to hit standards again and get another sister on date. We had a law of chastity lesson with Zaharah who is on date for the 24th of this month and she is just so awesome! She is 15 and had a lot of input to say on the lesson. She understands who she is as a daughter of God and the importance of modesty and self-worth. Ah!! I wanted to hug her and say I was proud of her! But I gave her a hand hug and called it good. We also had an awesome chat with Daniel! He knows the Book of Mormon is true and feels like this is what God wants him to do. He had an awesome experience with prayer and knows in his heart it's true! I did give him a hug. It was so awesome! 

So I went on exchanges with the Zone leaders this week and we ended up swapping cars. I gave them the jeep and We got a new dodge van. We call her Bertha haha I wanted it though because it has automatic doors and all the seats go in. We are always lugging stuff around for ourselves, the district, or members so we felt it necessary. BUT we may or may not have already crashed it....

okay we didn't crash it, but someone bumped into it when it was parked. :( super lame! but it's getting fixed, the brother stuck around and gave us his info. lame sauce!

I included a meal from this week! we made chicken taquitos with beans con crema y queso seco and we made salsa from scratch. It was yumm!! We also went to a family's softball game! The 2 girls summer and wynter were playing! The picture of me sobbing was yesterday because of fasting. I told elder Rodriguez I was seeing strawberries doing a hula mocking me. Hahaha 

Well as I mentioned we had an awesome Zone training! We really focused on the Savior. One of our ZL's stood and bore his testimony on what the Savior means to him. It was beautiful. I know that our Brother Jesus Christ atoned for not only my sins, but for everything negative I will ever go through. I know that his sacrifice, though it was for the whole world, was very much so personal. He knows how I feel every moment of every day. He knows how YOU feel every moment of every day. His love is unparalleled and infinite. I can feel it as I pray and read. What a blessing it is to be able to truly know Him. Most know of Him but we KNOW HIM. Are we sharing this joy with others. Our testimonies aren't a secret. We must proclaim with a loud voice that He lives! I know that my Redeemer lives. I know that everything I ever go through, If i endure with Faith in Him, I can always bear it and be strengthened from it. May we all testify of a true and living Christ. A savior...a teacher...a brother. I love you all more than you know. May we continue to strengthen ourselves in His words; in His truth - is my humble prayer in His name, even Jesus Christ. Amen.