Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"get on your knees and consult the heavens on what more you can do to be a better.....follower of our Redeemer, and a son/daughter of God"

So0o0o0o0o0o It's scary how much time is flying. I've probably mentioned this before, but wow! I feel like I had just gotten back from St. George with E. Rodriguez and here we are 6 weeks later halfway through training! I will say though, it's been a tougher 6 weeks than before. SO MUCH STUFF TO DO and not enough time. Pretty soon i'll be out of the area and probably be super sad. I've been here over 4 months now and I love the people! I'm sure the Lord has it all planned out for me though. Definitely will be back in Price to visit after the mish though. 

So highlights of the week!! We walked...haha Our car was in the shop for 3 days and we had to walk everywhere. It. Was. Awesome! Really lets you take in the area and how many people you actually know as you kind of slow things down. I really enjoyed it! But hear this, although we had a slower week, we were able to find 9 new brothers and sisters to teach! 2 hispanic families! We are so excited that work is picking up with our branch. So first is Orfa and her family. She has taken lessons before but has been really reserved in terms of getting out to church and really committing. and the last missionaries she had were pushy to her understanding. She is from Guatemala though so we hit it off pretty well. She says she realizes it's time to get into gear so we invited her out and she said she would be there the 25th with her sister Suly! Super excited! Next is America! She had been receiving lessons from the elders in castledale but she doesn't speak english o.O so we went out and we taught her the plan of salvation and really emphasized on gospel principles and eternal families. She loved it and asked what she needed to do to be baptized. Well she isn't married, but she said she would talk to her husband about getting it done. Apparently he proposed years ago and she never has said yes. So we are super excited about getting them baptized and sealed next year.!

In other news we did a lot of service this week! Spring cleaning and yard work. It was way fun! especially being out of proselyting clothes haha. We ended up yanking a shrub root out of the ground with a chain and our van. It was interesting haha. But super great things are happening! Zaharah will be getting baptized this saturday! OH! and Nick accepted to pray about a June 7 baptism and Pyper asked when he could do his! Ahhhh! We are seeing the fruits of our labors and I know it is because we have been so diligent. This week taught me a lot about obedience and diligence. As i've been making changes to be a more consecrated missionary, i've learned a lot about how selfless Christ really was. We watched a video on the atonement as it pertains to missionary work, and it spoke about how Christ never rested. Even after suffering what he did here on Earth he continued to work in Heavenly Father's plan by going to preach in the spirit world. It made me really think on the days where I get home at 930 and i want to plan and go straight to bed. If we want to follow Christ more closely we should always be asking what more we can do before we throw in the towel for the day. So that's my invitation for this week to all those that take the time to read this email. Ask...get on your knees and consult the heavens on what more you can do to be a better mother, father, daughter, sister, son, brother, example; but most importantly, what more can you do to be a better follower of our Redeemer, and a son/daughter of God. I've come to realize that I wasn't the best I could have been. What pain it is to think back and see how inadequate I have been as a son of an all-loving heavenly father. How inadequate of a son i've been to an all-loving earthly mother and father, and brothers and sisters. I testify that as we continually seek opportunities to make small changes in ourselves or our lives, we can be blessed even more! By small and simple things, great things come to pass. I love you all. Let us work together as members of the church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints to shine forth the light of this great and marvelous gospel...this everlasting truth that we have. Be safe! May our Heavenly Father continue to guide us back home as we strive to obey Him. Til next week!

Elder Castellanos