Monday, October 6, 2014

Let us build a habit that always makes us turn to Him. He knows us better than we know ourselves (9/29/14)

Hello family!

So here's the update!

Elder Cavazotti will be going to Fillmore Spanish to whitewash, and be District Leader while training a Greenie. I already called dibs on being Uncle Lou. xP haha suer exciting! It's the first time he leaves St George in 15 months! Crazyyyy!

I will be staying in St. George Spanish as Zone Leader training Elder Becerra as a new ZL. Ahhhhh...Going nuts! I'm stoked though. He is an amazing missionary!

Our zone added 2 new areas as well: Cedar Spanish and Enterprise Spanish. We are growing :')

This week was kind of off o.O a lot going on so we were going everywhere. Heber keeps doing well but won't commit....Just hasn't felt it in his heart yet. Jaime is doing well...he seems more committed now. Said he prayed and felt good all day about baptism. Hopefully next month :D Ramon is so great. He is so excited but nervous for the 18th. He just doesn't want to have to speak in sacrament. haha Roberto and Efrocinda are good as well! Still working on the divorce so we can get them married! Big things are happening!

We also had the privilege to watch he Nauvoo Pageant at the Tuahcan Theater yesterday. It was so beautiful! I put some pictures in the collages. 

The mission is just so great. In my personal study i've been focusing a lot on the New Testament. Just finished Matthew and I love it. Jesus is just the best example we could have. He teaches, he loves, he rebukes when necessary. He just does everything to the will of the Father. Sometimes our carnal state makes us forget to inquire of our Father in Heaven. Let us build a habit that always makes us turn to Him. He knows us better than we know ourselves. I love and miss you all!