Friday, October 24, 2014

Who is in your area that the Lord has prepared for YOU to bear witness of Jesus Christ to?

Hello hello! 
So this was an amazing week! We were able to find a new family and anoher brother that are pretty much golden. First is Emma Cruz with Carlos and their 2 children Juan Carlos and Joanna. They had taken lessons before but were about to be split up :/ rough....Carlos started making changes and now they have a good relationship and say that they can see themselves getting married! Ah...so cute! Andddddd she makes the best chiles rellenos haha 

Then comes Angel ! He went to the temple grounds on Thursday thinking it was a catholic church. Just moved in this week from California. Doesn't know why he decided to settle here. No wife. No Kids. No family in the US. He felt like he needed to stay on temple grounds so he sat to look at the temple and 2 sisters in our zone talked to him and got his info. We called him Saturday at noon. Met with him at the vc at 1. Taught him about eternal families and invited him to church. Was at church yesterday and stayed for the entire block and loved it. WOW!

What a testimony of how we are not alone in this work. Heavenly Father is leading his children to all of us and we just need to be ready and worthy to speak with the Spirit of truth to testify of what we hold so close to our hearts. Who is in your area that the Lord has prepared for YOU to bear witness of Jesus Christ to? Let us be ready...let us be prepared. Diligent scripture study is the key to unearthing power and valor in this work. I would encourage you all to continue if you are, or begin if you're not, to take advantage of the holy scriptures that have been provided. Love and miss you all!

Elder Castellanos

p.s. Still trying to get pictures to work :/