Monday, October 6, 2014

There were dancing strawberries in our living room this morning (9/15/14)

hello hello!

let's start with the brothers and sisters we are teaching!

Heber: He is such a great person. He just wants to make sure he's left his whole life behind before baptism. He just doesn't wan to be tempted the same way afterwards and let Heavenly Father down. We focused on the power of the covenants he would be making at baptism and the power of the influence of the Holy Ghost. We decided to fast with him and he asked for a priesthood blessing for strength and guidance. This is probably the hardest fast i've ever done. There were dancing strawberries in our living room this morning o.O but i'm so grateful for the opportunity to be there to support him. He's still on date for the 27th.

Roberto and Efrocinda are the cutest. They are from Chiapas Mexico and they want to be baptized. We took them to the visitor's center and watched "God's plan for families" and the spirit was so strong. Efrocinda is still married in mexico so we are working on the divorce so we can get them married. They were in church this sunday! Miracle! so we were on splits Saturday and I took our Ward mission leader to go see them and Roberto was going to have to work sunday and couldn't go. We invited him to pray for Heavenly Father to open the path for him to be able to attend. He gets a call right before he leaves saying the job site will be closed for the day. How awesome is that!?

Jaime: Remember him?? 15 year old part member family. Mum is less active. anywho we didnt have a car all this week because the bumper is getting fixed cuz of the car crash and we were on bikes so we couldn't get out to him. So he calls friday night and says he missed us coming over and said he had done his reading and asked if we could come over the next day. So we strapped on our helmets and rode our bikes over! what a journey haha luckily on the way back it was all downhill. Well we met with him and he said he'd been praying about baptism. He's so close I can feel it :D

I'd say that's the highlight. We got a new missionary this week so we are in a trio. His name is Elder Tim. He is just the best. He reminds us to be a little bit "boulder" badumpsh....okay he's our pet rock...but he's been making his way all the way through st. george!

we continue to teach elvia through the phone and she is just the best! she is already reading mosiah! what a great inspiration!

Heavenly Father really tried us this week....we really doubted we could make standards but we said we were going to go forth with full faith and ride our bikes through all of st. george if we had to. Guess who made it?? Yup :D I'm so grateful for the blessings Heavenly Father pours upon us as we are diligent and obedient and act with an open heart and full of faith. He really provides whenever we fail if we are humble and seek Him. 

I Love you all!

[ the many adventures of Elder Tim the pet rock ]