Monday, October 6, 2014

we are prone to mess up and that's part of our human nature...it's what we do after that matters. (9/22/14)

So Transfer calls are this Saturday and I literally have no idea what might happen. They called a new assistant yesterday because Elder Berven is leaving us next week. Really sad to see him go. He's been such a great example of leadership. Really going to miss him. They called Elder Jensen . 

So this week just went from the best to the absolute most painful. We started off super well (although we lost the car to the mechanic again) biking out to far areas was super neat. Wednesday we had a baptism, friday we had a baptism and saturday we had baptisms. In total 7 were baptized in the zone. Wow. 7 of our brothers and sisters entered into an eternal covenant to follow Jesus Christ. My heart was so full of happiness. Well, still is. Friday we had our Noche De Hispanidad and it was a hit! See the pictures. We had a lot of guests come too that we were able to talk to and make plans to visit. Super nice! 

Then it all changed :( We met with Heber last night to go over his baptism questions and he shared he made a mistake the night before. My heart dropped. I was and am devastated. We had prayed, and fasted and did everything we could, but Satan wasn't giving up on him. Brought some hope though that he said the second he realized his mistake it was all guilt and depression. He knew it was wrong. His spirit had finally been strong enough to tell him how bad of an act he was doing. We just encouraged him and said he doesn't have to go back to it. That we are prone to mess up and that's part of our human nature...it's what we do after that matters. Be alittle better each day :/ well that and a combination of a couple of other things in the past 48 hours have really made it rough.

 I was blessed to take part in the Ogden temple rededication yesterday. Wow. What an amazing experience...i feel it both recharged me and prepared me for what was to come. How blessed we are to have the House of the Lord to connect Heaven and Earth. To feel His presence and His love. How grateful I am that my parents taught me the importance of being temple worthy - that they lovingly encouraged me to serve the Lord for 2 years. How grateful I am for my mission...and everything i've learned and will continue to learn. I wouldn't trade it for the world. May we strive to be worthy to be in the presence of God one day. I miss and love you all more than you can imagine.

-Elder Castellanos