Monday, October 6, 2014

May we let him take the reins and steer us as we diligently push forward in his gospel. ( 9/8/14)


Alrighty, so this week was awesome! we've been having Angelo come out to lessons with us. He is just ON FIRE! like he literally shares his testimony with EVERYONE! A true inspiration. He says since he doesn't have a chance to serve a full time mission he can still share with everyone he meets. Only if every member was like that! Every missionary at that. He has no fear to let people know what he holds to be true. Best convert yet! 

On Heber - he is getting closer to accepting baptism. We went to a baptism with him on sunday of Flor, (elvia's daughter) He was so amazed at how much he was able to feel the spirit. Heavenly Father is truly opening doors for him to accept the message. He is reading more and more and actually receiving revelation as he reads. What a great blessing to be able to receive answers from our Father in Heaven.

Daniel! So we went out looking for Irvin on Tuesday night and he wasn't home, but his cousin Daniel was and he said he had been going to the english ward for 2 weeks now but would like to go to spanish so he could learn more. We visited him again Thursday night and he agreed to work towards baptism at the end of this month. Heavenly Father truly prepares his Children  receive His message!

This week has been centered on patience. Both in conversing with our brothers and sisters and waiting for the Lord's timing. We need to always remember to be grateful for everything we have, and to praise Heavenly Father continually as we wait for the next big part of our life comes. It's all planned out with blessing that will help us endure this earthly trial if we are faithful to his word. I love this gospel with all my heart. I love my savior and my Father in Heaven. He is mindful of me, and every single one of us. May we let him take the reins and steer us as we diligently push forward in his gospel. I love and miss you!