Tuesday, June 16, 2015


So here we are starting the last week of the transfer! Ahhhhhh. This
year is going by so quick. Can you believe we are already in May??

Well this week was pretty much amazing - well i think it was anyway.
so quick updates.

Evangelina - Had our lessons as usual but she ended up losing her job
this week :( she was unwavering though! she said she knkew it was
because Heavenly Father was preparing something better for her - and
He was! She got a better job 2 days later that gave her all Sundays
off. Wutwut. I know, She continues to progress towards baptism and is
just waiting for her family to come in the next few weeks.

Ivan - continues to have Word of wisdom problems but keeps meeting
with us. He might be goiing into a boy's home in a month or so because
of his acting up. We met his mum for the first time yesterday. She was
really nice and supportiive of her son meeting with us but says she is
too deep in her family religion to open herself up to another.

Hugo - Had our lesson with him and talked about baptism. He said it
was something he was really considering and would attend church again.
He asked some really good questions concerning the godhead and the
nature of God. He soaked it all in and said he felt like he was just
remembering truths he had known all along. Well, of course!

Gerardo - Adorable little 8 year old boy that goes to church with his
aunt. He has been learning more and more in primary and gathering up
the strength to ask his mum if he can be baptized. (he would be the
first in his family) yesterday he came up and said that he was finally
going to do it and asked if we could be there for him. It was just
about the most neat experience ever! So we will be accompanying him
this week.

This week i've been made more and more aware of how unique Heavenly
Father is in answering prayers when we ask for things. I've been
asking for an increase in christ-like attributes and day after day I
face a situation where each attribute I ask for is challenged. I've
known all along that Heavenly Father doesn't just hand things over- it
requires of ourselves. But it's been really neat seeing how each trial
helps strengthen us and give us what we ask for. We really should pray
for trials. They teach us a lot about ourselves and our Heavenly
Father. It strengthens not only our ability to endure but our
relationship with our Father and our Savior. I'm excited to see what
more situations he blesses me with. What kind of trials have blessed
your life recently?? Love and miss you alll!