Tuesday, June 16, 2015


So week one of a new transfer. Like you know I'm with elder Hernandez.
Super excited. Love that kid. We've been having a blast this week
while tearing it up in delta. It's #dabest so quick updates cuz we
don't have a lot of time today.

Gerardo was baptized Saturday. He was the cutest ever. He's the first
in his family to join. After the baptismal service we talked to his
sister and she said she was ready to start working towards her big
day. So she will be baptized may 30th if all goes well. Their mum is
soon to follow after working on some things! :)

Hugo continues to do amazingly! He could use more support from his
wife though but she is easily slipping back into activity. So we are
focused on getting her more comfortable.

The poulsons were supposed to go to the Payson temple with us Friday
but something came up so we rescheduled for next Friday. Sister
poulson shared she is really anticipating the trip because she wants
to get her family sealed. That will be a great day!

My testimony this week was on the family and the atonement. The
atonement makes the family work. It strengthens relationships and the
bond of family members. It allows pain yet inhibits growth. It urges
US To learn from one another and how to succor eachother as we seek
the Lords help as a unit. I'm so grateful for it, and I know I can be
better in applying it more. I love you all! Time is going too fast!