Tuesday, June 16, 2015

'Provo Mission?" (6/8/2015)

First and foremost, Matia got baptized! Woot! :) see the pictures!! Also, we found another adorable family! Parents and 6 kids!! We met with them this week and put them on date for the middle of July and one of the kids just yelled out yes! It was so amazing.
Second. It's true. Transfers are here and we will be both staying. Attached is a picture of a letter we also received on Saturday. Here is a brief excerpt from it.

"We will lose the following areas/stakes to the Provo Mission:

All of the Price Zone, the two Nephi stakes and the two Delta stakes.

With this transfer, the missionaries serving in those areas will become part of the Utah Provo Mission as of June 30, 2015. They will not only have a new mission, but will serve under a brand new mission president.
Yup...Elder Hernandez and I are officially part of the Utah Provo mission starting July. Say whaaaaa. I know. I cried. I had been called as a representative of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and assigned to labor in the Utah st. George mission. That's been my heart and home for 18 months now and all of a sudden it changes in a blink of an eye. After some conversation with my mission president and a lot of prayer I do however feel comforted. The Lord is preparing the next chapter of my life. I know that there are people in the Provo mission that my testimony needs to reach, and their testimony I need to hear. The work is the same, just in a different part of the vineyard. I'm also not the only one....33 other missionaries will be transferring over as well. At least I'm not alone, right? Elder Hernandez and I will also be taking over all of delta being the only set of missionaries in the area now. To put it into perspective, we were covering 3 congregations last transfer and now we cover more than 20 in two stakes. 🙀 I know. Nerve wrecking. I will have an assignment as soon as our new president come in. They won't tell me what it is though. We will see what exciting new things come to pass with this change. Blessings are waiting! I love and miss you all!