Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Repentance is a beautiful thing. Progression is life" (3/30/2015)

Bonjour Ma Famille!

What an exciting time to be a missionary! Well, at least I think so.
Quick updates today.

Still in Delta

Still Working Hard

Still loving Life

K, that's about it
hehe, kidding.

Hector - Continues to be super awesome! We took him some fresh fruit
this last visit and read through the book of mormon with him. We
invited him to pray about being baptized the 18th of April and he
accepted the invitation. He does have some holdbacks with his family
but he knows he needs to trust in God and follow the answers he
receives. We are excited to see him progress :)

Jose - Little 12 year old whose older brother is baptized and his
parents are catholic. He tries to be just likes his brother so he has
taken an interest in the church. We invited him to take the
discussions and will teach him this afternoon after school. He is so
excited to learn more about the Savior. PLUS, his mum came out and
talked to us and shared she had thought about coming to church too.
She says she sees a big difference in her son since he has joined the
church. Fun, no??

Those are the biggest updates anyway. We had an exciting service
opportunity which you'll see in the pictures. Also, last p-day we
found some naturally heated hot spots. Pictures included.

This month's ensign has an amazing talk titled, "Sins and Mistakes"
which explains beautifully what we should condemn and what we
shouldn't. Remember, we are still subject to the natural man -
mistakes happen because of it. Heavenly Father is understanding. We
should be careful, however, on the times we do commit sin. Repentance
is a beautiful thing. Progression is life. Let's not damn ourselves by
choosing not to turn to God. Read the article to know the difference!
I love and miss you all!