Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Do we share in both the joys and the struggles and council with one another?" (4/27/2015)

So I don't have a lot of time to write today - have a lot to do with
transfers and a meeting we need to attend.

Transfer Call!
Elder Silva will be leaving and going to Enterprise to be in a trio
with Elder Becerra and Elder Steinback.
I will be staying in Delta and receiving Elder Hernandez!

Soooooo I'm excited :) haha

Last week was great! Met with Gerardo's parents and they agreed to let
him be baptized! &&&I they actually both sat in on the lesson with us
and asked questions. Also, Jose's mum agreed to let him be baptized so
he is praying for the end of this month. Evangelina got a new job, but
it has her busier than before. Just have to work with her to catch her
when she's free. Sister Owens in my district got her visa so she
leaves us today to go to Brazil. It was fun getting to speak to her in
Portuguese haha sister Lomiga will be heading down to my last area
with one of my daughters, sister Lopez-Hernandez. Fillmore areas are
combined and elder Mullen and elder mallet will both be staying. Elder
Howard leaves us to go to cedar city and elder Elliott is pregnant!

This transfer has been so great for growth. With every trial I faced I
reminded myself of the goal I had to have the attitude of the savior.
I had committed to always look for the lesson to be learned instead of
questioning why things happen. If it be God's will then it should be
our will. I'm grateful for my district this transfer. Through all of
our struggles and strengths we truly did edify one another. Made me
think of family back home, and how the same principle can be
applied...are we truly united in the home in a way that everything
that happens we are all involved in? Do we share in both the joys and
the struggles and council with one another? I love each of you! Til
next week!

P.s. Welcome Home Sister Peterson! I know Brazil misses you!