Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"I am a child of God, and so my needs are great." (5/1/2015)

Hello hello family! So sorry that I've been MiA the past couple of
weeks. It was Mother's Day then I was just feeling too lethargic to
write. So here are some updates!

Since the power outage occurred Maria will be baptized this weekend.
She will get confirmed the same day so she can be interviewed for a
temple recommend so she can watch the Payson temple dedication. How
cool is that!? Super cool. That's how cool. Her brother Gerardo
continues to come every Sunday. Such a great little missionary too.
He's been teaching all of his friends what he has learned. Haha we
started playing games with the kids in his apartment complex and now
they all love us. Super plus.

Jose told us he had questions about
baptism and that his desire kinda went away, but then his mum says
he's been asking her about getting baptized. So not sure where he's
going there. He might be doing it for a social status which then we
can't allow him to go through with it. The struggle is real.

Hugo we haven't seen in quite a while. We keep saying we will head to
hinckley to see him but then we get caught up or they're not home.
Last time we talked we asked his wife to be a little more supportive
with her testimony and what she expects for their family. She seemed
up for it but who knows at this point.

We continue to teach the poulsons (the ones we went to the temple
with) they are such a cute family. The older daughters Madison and
Audrey wanted to get into a summer program where they just do a lot of
fun activities so we pulled some strings and got them applications and
fed em straight to the head honcho.

We started teaching the Brooks family. Missy used to attend lessons
with us by herself but now she wants her whole family in on it. Neat
huh? We have also made it the focus to get her boys the priesthood. We
were supposed to have a lesson with them last night but it didn't work
out :( we will catch em next time!

As far as I go, everything is great! Elder Hernandez continue to have
a blast working together. This is week6 though so that might end soon.
Transfer calls this weekend! I'd be really sad to leave. So much has
happened with the families we teach.

We had testimony meeting this week due to the temple dedication next
week. My testimony was about family. Not only of the one I have at
home, but all those Individuals I meet on a daily basis. I testify
that God lives. He is the literal father of our spirits. We are his
children. Each and everyone of us are brothers and sisters. We must
embrace our identity as a son or daughter off God. We should know what
it means and how it applies to our lives. We must help all those
around us come to the same realization. The words of one of my
favorite primary songs comes to mind, and I hope it rings in yours as
you interact with those not partaking of the blessings of the gospel.
"I am a child of God, and so my needs are great. Help me to understand
His will, before it grows too late. Let us gather our family, for
their "needs are great". May we do it without fear or hesitation,
"before it grows too late" is my prayer and testimony, in the name of
Jesus Christ amen.

I love and miss you all.