Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"May we have the courage to say as Moses did, "get thee hence satan"" (6/15/2015)

So it's the first week where we began covering all of delta. I'm just
tired :( haha it has all been worth it though. Especially for all the
change of hearts we've been witnessing. So here's some updates!

Noah was baptized Saturday! He had great support from the ward and
from his friends at the white river academy. It was one of the most
powerful baptisms I've been to. I'm grateful for Noah's example for
his friends. He will be graduating from the program in a month or so
and is eager to go home to teach his family! Along with him we have
Josh, Hunter, and Nick who will be baptized the 18th of July.

Edwin, Jocelyn, and the Flores family. New family brother Sorensen
introduced us to. Little Edwin is 11 and wants the gospel! We gave him
the first two lessons and he ate it all up. He even rode his bike to
church by himself yesterday! He has 4 adorable little sisters. His mum
also has interest in the gospel and we will start teaching her after
work schedules get worked out.

Brother Klein surprised us by telling us he was ready to make
covenants! His baptism will be this Saturday. You can imagine we were
bouncing off the walls.

Michelle Cropper and Her nephew Caden Cox will still be baptized this
Saturday as well. Our last meeting with them was a little rough but so
powerful as they shared concerns and inadequacies that they felt. We
reassured the love of their father in heaven and the power of the
atonement helping them overcome whatever feelings they may have. After
some testimony and emotions they decided to keep their date :)

Michelle Robison continues to be on track for the 27th of this month.
She has really transformed spiritually. I'm grateful for the influence
of the temple and what it did for our area.

We met a family out in Callao this last week. Mum, pop, and two little
boys. Cute little family. Part member, mum hasn't joined yet. She has
shared her desire for an eternal family though. She knows her
goal so we will do what we can to get them there.

And that's a few of the miracles we are experiencing! This week we
gave talks in sacrament. The theme was ordinances. I spoke on the
sacrament, but specifically applying the atonement through daily
repentance as preparation to partake of the sacrament on Sunday. It is
that sacred. Preparation is needed. I related to Moses' encounter with
satan. Satan tries to convince Moses that he is a son of man. Moses
understood his calling as a son of God and responded quickly with,
"get thee hence Satan". How many earthly things try to convince us of
the same? That we are not children of God but merely children of men.
How many satans are in our midst clouding our judgment making us
easily forget our divine lineage? May we have the courage to say as
Moses did, "get thee hence satan". May we receive the strength to do
so through daily repentance, a daily accountancy with the lord every
night of things we need to be forgiven for. May we prepare to partake
of those sacred emblems which are the body and blood of our eternal
savior. I love you all.